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What Unions Do


Unions  are about a simple proposition: By joining together, working women and  men gain strength in numbers so they can have a voice at work about what  they care about.

 They negotiate a contract  with their employer for things like a fair and safe workplace, better  wages, a secure retirement and family-friendly policies such as paid  sick leave and scheduling hours. They have a voice in how their jobs get  done, creating a more stable, productive workforce that provides better  services and products. Always adapting to the challenges of our  nation’s evolving workforce, unions are meeting the needs of workers in  today’s flexible and nontraditional work environments. Because no matter  what type of job workers are in, by building power in unions, they can  speak out for fairness for all working people in their communities and  create better standards and a strong middle class across the country.

Unions Ensure Workers Have a Voice on the Job


Legislative Advocacy
Throughout  our history, the labor movement has won advances that have transformed the lives of working people in America, from enacting overtime and wage laws to ending child labor to passing Social Security.

Training and Apprenticeships
Training  programs and apprenticeships are at the heart of unions’ efforts to  ensure that working men and women have a voice in our country's  ever-changing economy. Every year, the labor movement trains more than  450,000 workers. Through union apprenticeship programs, individuals gain  life-changing skills to do high-quality work and get solid,  middle-class jobs—often in new industries with cutting-edge green  technology.

Expanding  and strengthening union membership is the lifeblood of the labor  movement, making possible everything else we do. The more workers who  join unions and become actively involved, the more power we have to  build a brighter future for working families.

Labor In the Community
Union  members give back wholeheartedly to the communities where we live and  work. It’s the union way. Rhode Island union members are loyal and  enthusiastic supporters of charities that cure the sick, feed the  hungry, provide heat to the cold, house the homeless, assist veterans,  help those with mental and physical disabilities, and make a better  future for our kids.